D-2302 Werknummer 426

Date Registration Owner Remarks
August 1932 D-2260 Aeroclub of Germany Participation European Tourist plane contest as 'A8', Pilot Stein/Mechanic Aumann
April 1934 D-2302 The registration of the aircraft D 2302 type He 64C, serial number 426 (see. NfL 32/45-46. 8, p.303) has been cancelled acc. §9 LuftVO in the german aircraft register. The lost airworthiness- and registration-certificate is declared void.(B II 3. 1115/34.)(NfL -34/26. 12, p.325)
21.09.33 I-AERO Italian airforce was registered in Italy, on behalf of the Air Force, on September 21th 1933. It was based at Centocelle airport (an old airport not in use today, very close to Ciampino LIRA), but has never received military markings. Probably was used for VIP transportation, or for commuting. In 1949 it was not registered any more, its markings were assigned again to an Aermacchi MB 308.

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