• Type: 2-seater Low-Wing Cantilever Monoplane

  • wing: the single-spar trapezoidal-shaped wings are built up entirely of wood and attached to the central portion by means of bolts . Automatic slots connected to trailing flaps. The He 64a had the oval-shaped wing of later Heinkel-Models (He 70, He 111). However, due to the worse slowspeed-characteristics the latger models all got the trapezoidal wing.

  • Fuselage: The fuselage has an oval cross section and a semicircular cabin structure of good aerodynamic design. The fuselage structure consists of bulkheads and longerons covered with three-ply, in which special doors are provided to facilitate an easy inspection of the inside of the fuselage.The steel tube engine mounting it attached to the first bulkhead.

  • Tail Unit: The construction of the tail unit is similar to that of the main wing entirely by wood, covered with three-ply.

  • Landing Gear: Non-retractable, braced by streamline tubes. High-Pressure Disk-type wheels with brakes operated by a hand lever, hydraulically activated. Tailskid.

  • Crew: 2 seats in closed cabin, canopy formed aerodynamically efficient.

  • Length:


    wing area:

    wing load:

    Power ratio:

    8,31 m

    2,06 m

    14,4 m²

    54,2 kg/m²

    5,20 kg/PS

    empty weight:

    Additional equipment:

    Dry operating weight:





    Takeoff weight:

    458 kg

    12 kg

    470 kg

    160 kg

    95 kg

    15 kg

    40 kg

    780 kg

    Max. speed in 0 m height:

    in 1000 m height:

    in 2000 m height:

    cruise speed in 0 m height:

    80% takeoff power: in 1000 m height:

    in 2000 m height:

    approach speed:

    245 km/h

    238 km/h

    220 km/h

    222 km/h

    218 km/h

    200 km/h

    52 km/h

    optimum range at Vmax in 1000 m height:

    optimum range at Vr in 1000 m height:

    optimum range:

    720 km

    760 km

    1500 km

    time to: 1000 m height:

    2000 m height:

    3000 m height:

    maximum ceiling:

    3,9 min

    8,0 min

    12,8 min 6000 m


    takeoff distance to 15 m height:

    landing distance aus 15 m height:

    88 m

    130 m

    120 m

    crew: 1 Pilot and 1 passenger (double-steering)

    engine: Argus AS 8 R

    gear: -

    takeoff-power at 2100 RPM

    nominal power at 2090 RPM

    nominal power at 1800 RPM

    Max power design height:

    specific fuel consumption:

    150 PS

    135 PS

    90 PS

    0 m

    240 g/PS h

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